From "The Freesound Project" a database of cool sounds to share. Choose from:

Jurassic Park?

Maybe this will work for you. Thanks, Timothy

the Pan Pipes - a spiritual awakening, thanks Jackie

Green tea feel-good photo

Check it out: this pic goes so well with this blog! Seriously, even though green tea may not help you relax, there is significant evidence that it benefits your immune system and reduces risk for certain illnesses like skin cancer and cardiovascular disease. It only has  about 1/3 the caffeine of coffee, but try decaffeinated tea if you experience sleep difficulties.

Tai Chi music, Thanks Alexa!

Guided instructions about how to relax

not too annoying voice :), thanks, Emily McC.

Excellent relaxation video with still pics

And, here's a guided mediation video:

Thanks, Amanda H.

Something NOT new-agey!  Here's a classic - literally. It's Debussy's Clair De Lune with Disney's gorgeous animation. A must-see. Thanks, Andre M.

Pure relaxation Thanks, Adam S.

Amazing 10 minute GUIDED MEDITATION

"Guided Meditation - The Magical Color Shower."  No distracting images - just soothing blue colors. Thanks, Adrianna M.!

smartphone relax apps!!

Thanks a million, Megan Z.!

And..."Brainwave- Dream Tunnel - Theta Meditation - Binaural Beats" - EDITOR'S NOTE:  I found this a bit out there and tense, so use with caution:

Simple Relaxation -- A Guided Meditation

Thanks, BRITTNEY/ a.k.a. Marie!

Great Anti-Anxiety Guided Meditation

Just what we need for class! Thanks, Stephanie C.

Unbelievably relaxing sounds music

Your own private spa! Thanks, Monica Y.

relaxation - orchestral

Music is kind of scratchy, but it might work for you! Thanks, Anthony G.

Relaxation music + VERY COOL ocean & earth video!

Thanks, Erica M!

The sound of rain - without music

Complete with gentle thunder. Thanks, Cory G.

Hypnosis relaxation video - no music!

For those of you who want a music-free relaxation experience. Pretty good stuff

Thanks, Beata G.

Brainwave music

An excellent choice, with nature sounds and nature still pics.

thanks, Kaila W.

Zen flute sounds "Zen Flute Album 2 - Native American shakuhachi" - to be exact.

Thanks, Eric A.

Calming Sitar + Calming Ocean Wave video, together at last - some unusual humming, use with caution! ;)

Thanks, Seifali